Thursday, February 11, 2010


I didn't mind my kids being around my feet as they were toddlers but I have been finding myself lately saying things like "move", "get out of the kitchen", and "what are you doing here?" (in a kind motherly way of course ;).

They LOVE to help in the kitchen. And for a brief period of time, they are even enjoying washing up (though unpacking the dishwasher has sadly lost it's novelty). When I have tasks for them to do, I like having them help, but sometimes I discover the results of them 'helping' withouth being asked or 'helping themselves' when I step onto a floor covered in sugar or see a trail of chocolate sauce or vegemite handprints all the way from the kitchen to the lounge.

Sometimes they are trying to help me and other times they are helping themselves but unless I have actually given them a task to do, they are often just in the way, or getting into things that aren't good for them.

I like to be helpful too, and often I have great ideas of how I can help God in my church, in my family, help other people or even help my self. But I am getting the feeling sometimes I might be in the way. Sometimes I am allowed in God's kitchen - the steam room where things are happening. Sometimes he asks me to pick up a mess, or give some refreshment, or add some spice to what He is doing and I love helping Him out! Its definitely the best feeling ever. But, like my kids, then I hang around and start doing things myself which just makes a mess or throws off the timing or I help myself to something which wasn't meant for me.

Its high time I just sat down, watched Him work, chatted about things and asked if there was anything He would like me to do. And He might even say, "Alright, since you asked, this encouragement is just about ready, you can serve it up for me" or "Yes, I have been saving this step for you". I know He is the one who does all the preparation, planning, measuring, timing and garnishing and He gets all the credit, but I just LOVE it when He lets me help :).

Where are you at the moment - Right beside Him following instructions? Helping out or helping yourself? Or doing something unproductive and not in the kitchen at all?

Well...move! ;)

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