Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Is

If you've been here long you'll know I have been trying to purposely focus on the real meaning of Christmas this year, instead of being so consumed with presents and decorations and preparations that it does become a bit like 'Xmas' ~ Christ is missing!

I have a real sense that this world is moving away from God at an alarming rate, and it makes me want to hold on to what is true all the more. I wrote this poem to help us remember what it's all about.

Christmas Is...

Christmas is a day each year that most on earth uphold
As a holiday and celebration, but the truth is seldom told

More than wishing Merry Christmas and spreading Christmas cheer
It's feeeding the hungry and helping the widows all throughout the year

More than pretty wrapping and present tags signed 'with love'
It's remembering Jesus birth - the Gift to us from God above

More than exciting children with a new bike or toy
It's teaching them the reason for our overwhelming joy

More than how you fill the stockings, but how you fill your mind
More than giving token gifts, but helping others out of a bind

More than expanding stomachs with a scrumptious Christmas feast
Its thanking God for providing us with everlasting peace

More than spending hours making sure the Day is nice
It's spending even a few minutes each day remembering your Christ

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Mum-me said...

What a great poem, and so true.

Meags said...

Donna your poetry is such a blessing it is a beautiful gift and better still u share it!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!

Thank you.

Each year I notice that true "Christmas" wrapping paper is harder and harder to find. But this year, it was practically obsolete.

I agree that Christ is being removed at an alarming rate.

Things are just so...well, Godless.

Thank you for the beautiful words you've shared with us.

He still "IS"! And ever will be...

He's bigger than my current circumstances. He's bigger than even the excitement that the "season" can hold in the air. He "IS" the reason for the season.

I pray that this is what I am expressing to my children.

Ruth said...

I haven't tried this before Donna, but you are a great poet. Your words are an encouragement to me, as I get out of the `glums' and prepare for Christmas.