Thursday, September 30, 2010

Health & Beauty - 9. Get Out

Lets have a little re-cap of what we have covered this year so far in our quest for a healthier body and soul. If you’ve missed any, or you want a refresher, you can find them all by scrolling down.

1. Get A Diary
2. Weigh In
3. Get Ready
4. Metabolise
5. Resist
6. Watch Out!
7. Don’t Skip
8. Happy Meals
And this month’s tip –
9. Get Out.

If you’ve been following along this year I trust you have already noticed that you will not notice any difference unless you put what you have learnt into practice. Maybe you are waiting to find out exactly what is required before making the decision to embarking on a lifestyle which promotes physical and spiritual health – good! Jesus encouraged his listeners in Luke 14 to count the cost, just as someone would when they were building a tower or going to war.

If you aren’t prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to see change, then accept that is where you are at the moment. Don’t keep talking about it if you are unprepared to count the cost, saying things like “Oh I try but it doesn’t work for me”. Be honest. I don’t mind hearing “I’m not doing to well with that at the moment” because that is the perfect place to start when you do decide to change.

Physical and spiritual health requires discipline. It is extremely rewarding, has great results, and isn’t really that hard if you get organized, get honest and get out, but you’ve got to be committed. So are you ready? Are you already on track? Well Get Out.

By far the most important factor in losing weight is going for a walk almost every morning or doing an equal amount of regular exercise. And the spiritual discipline I have found most helpful in keeping me healthy is getting up a little earlier each morning to pray and read the Bible. And once you are out of bed, it isn’t a trial at all!

I enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine (alright – I am having a bit of trouble with that at the moment, cooler mornings under the doonah won over getting up for a walk), and I enjoy the freshness of starting the day with my Saviour. The rewards are well worth the cost!

So tomorrow morning, or even right now: get out, it only takes one step to be back on track!

See you out there!

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