Monday, August 25, 2008

Those Special Moments

Daddy called me in tonight
as he saw you lying there
fast asleep upon your bed
with your knees up in the air

I smiled at Daddy and then at you
and knelt beside your bed
You had both hands on your Bible
that was resting on your leg

You had called out early on
asking if I would come say prayers
I answered "Not just now, I'm working.
But later Ill be there"

You waited for the longest time
Till your eyes gave in to sleep
No-one came to tuck you in
or pray 'the Lord your soul to keep'

Now I sit here whispering
my eyes giving in to tears
and say sorry for these moments
I have missed throughout the years

Tomorrow, when its bedtime
I will leave my office chair
I'll pray with you and read to you
and run my fingers through your hair

Ill kiss you on the forehead
and hug you really tight
I'll hear you say "I love you"
as I turn off the light

I'll smile and sigh as I walk away
treasuring these moments above all others
And I'll thank my God from deep in my heart
for the priviledge of being a mother

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Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

This brought me to tears...I've been there