Monday, May 31, 2010

For A Laugh

My kids have provided us (and some of you) with many chuckles over the years. Due to popular demand, here is a list of just some of the things they have said and done...

Little Miss H started with the quotable quotes when she was 2, SuperMan J Jnr bloomed a bit later (about 4) but is still rolling them out at almost-6!

J: Does God love people with no hair?
me: Yes of course, he loves everyone the same.
J: Yes, but does he liiiiike bald people as much as the other people?

J: When I grow up I am either going to be a farm keeper or a tooth fairy.

J: Did you just hear that big bang on the roof - the BANG with the little bangs and then the rolling? Well that wasnt me, I didnt do that.

me: A is for apple, B is for ...
J: Jump!
me: No J, B is for box.
J: No Mum, in Super Mario, B is for jump.
I stand corrected.

J: I'm NOT jumping on the lounge, I'm jumping OFF the lounge

Josh was playing UNO with God but God kept losing because He didn't say UNO in time and had to keep picking up two extra cards.

J: Is it spring? Can you put us in a cave and we come out at Christmas time?
me: Yes, Yes I can.

me: Go to your room
J: Well I'm not going to my birthday then!

Sep 05
D. {Putting H's boots on}
H. Ow, a ‘pea’, a ‘pea’!!!!
D. {takes H's boot off – a plastic letter “P” falls out!}

H. Mum there is a spider in my room. It has…..(thinking…1….2….) 3 legs.
D. I thought spiders had 8 legs?
H. (thinking again……) oh like an optopus!

H {to Mike taking his vitamins} Are those tablets to make babies or stop babies coming?

D Hannah, mummy doesn’t feel like talking any more
H That’s ok mummy, Ill just talk to Jesus

The Getting Off Thing – Can Opener

The Killing Thing – Fly Spray

24 Sep 05
H. When is the storm coming?
D. When its ready.
H Is it having time out?
H. Does it have to stay in its room?
H. Did it disobey its mummy?

April 06

H I know everything
D Actually you don’t know everything. What is my middle name?
H {doesn’t know, learns J,B,D’s middle names}
H Now I DO know everything!

May 06
D Drying H hair with towel
H ow, Ow, OW …. Do you remember what ow means?

May 06
H When Jejus was on the cross, and Jejus is God, when he was on the cross and he was talking to God, who was he talking to – himself or another God?
D [tries to explain father,son,spirit concept of God]
H Oh mum, I’m just a kid, I don’t understand.

June 06
H When do people die?
D When they’re old, very old.
H …..isnt it cool Mrs Perry is still alive!

Aug 06
[all of us driving very early to the airport to go to Melbourne]
H [sees the sun rising]
H look! We went for a drive and we found the morning!!

Sep 06
H [birthday – opening presents]
H [gets bananas from nanna and grandpa (cost $12/kg re cyclone larry)]
H Wow! Are they real??

Nov 06
H [incessantly asking questions in the car]
D why do you ask so many questions?
H cause I don’t know everything yet!
D oh [I'm in for a long haul aren’t I!]

Nov 06
D sorry that sometimes I don’t speak nicely to you
H yes mum, sometimes you say naughty words like ‘go away’
D I'm sorry, I do love you very much you know
H sometimes you have a bad attitude
D yes, sometimes I do
H but you know, I still love you even when you say naughty words and have a bad
D thanks H
H no worries mum

8 Dec 06
H [at a freinds house when Corinne broke a glass]
H you should have been more careful
C yes I should have
H God can fix that you know
C I don’t think he works like that H
H [to B (also 4yrs)]
H she just doesn’t understand
H come on B, lets pray.

14 Dec06

H I'm tired of being a kid mum. I wanna be an adult
D Why’s that H?
H You get to make your own sammiches and do cool stuff like that

March 07 (J's first quotable quote)
D {takes the plug out of the bath}
J goodbye water, thanks for having me!

April 07

H oww
D whats wrong?
H i have those sprinkles that go on your feet when you’ve been on the toilet a long time
D pins and needles?
H yeah!

And you may have already read these ones...

H: Who was Captain Cook?
D: He was the first man from across the seas to discover Australia in 1770.
H: Did he die?
D: Yes, that was a long time ago.
H: Yes I know, Peter Pan pushed him off the boat.
D: That was Captain Hook!

My 3 yr old son was commentating while we were driving on the way to 10 pin bowling the other day:

J: Thats not bowling
J: Thats not bowling
J: Thats Mr Hannicks
J: Thats not bowling
D: Who is Mr Hannick?
J: Where Daddy's car is!
D: The Mechanic?
J: Yeah, Mick Hannick.

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Unknown said...

Hahaha, they got me laughing!

Mum-me said...

You've got a great collection of "classics" there. You (and your children) will be very glad you've taken the time to record them.

Anonymous said...

These are priceless, so good that you'll have them recorded FOREVER! p.s. Thanks for the laugh, took me back in time :)