Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Gift

I received a bunch of flowers today
I think God sent them here
They filled my house full of joy
And my heart full of cheer

His name was not upon the card
There was no trumpet sound
No angelic messenger
No crowd gathered around

Just a little note that read
Three words printed in blue
They spoke from heaven straight to my heart
saying “Thinking of You”

I know it was a human hand
That passed the message on
But arriving at such a perfect time
Heaven’s where that gift came from

I have received some other gifts
At crucial points in time
A hug when I was feeling down
A rainbow in the sky

Ten dollars and a note when I was poor
Saying God knows and cares
A friend when I had none around
That comforted, loved and cared

As I look back now I can see
Many parcels big and small
Wrapped differently each and every time
But the same writing on them all

Messages that said “You’re Special”
From friends both old and new
As words or deeds or gifts or time
All saying, “I love You”

Imagine that, the King of Kings
Seeking after me
Revealing glimpses of his great love
So gently and tenderly

Our God in Heaven, our Saviour, Lord
Jesus, Emmanuel
I was on His mind today
And you know what? You were as well!

Donna Savill 2005

Donna Savill

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Meags said...

Beautiful Poem did u write it! Love meags

Bryce said...

Yep, 'twas me, a few years ago. Will add that info on the post. :)