Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a Day!

There must be something in the air. Have you noticed lots of people having bad days lately? I've had a corker of a week, and an extra story to top it off for you today. Actually, I probably wouldn't even have burdened you with my week except that this particular event is so randomly bad, its funny.

My daughter has had pneumonia for 3 weeks and is starting to recover now. Its been pretty busy around home then, with a 4 and a 6 year old to keep entertained. And we are moving in 10 days so I am trying to pack and clean at the same time. Lets just re-cap the last week before we move into today.

B is studying for an exam, H was in hospital, J stood on a bee, I was sick with a gastro bug, my grandma died and we are trying to make all the preparations to move. I read Genny's post today about her day and enjoyed her perspective about how we would go about our life (including our crazy weeks) if we had just one month to live.

Then, I went to the bank. Well, I was going to go to the bank, but I never got there. Just outside the shopping centre, I saw that two elderly ladies had just crashed their car into a parked car by the side of the road. I parked my car, got the kids out and went over to see if we could help. The ladies were pretty shaken as you could imagine, and the other ladies who returned from shopping to find their car needing to be towed were not very happy at all! I was able to help by getting details and talking to insurance companies (the ladies couldnt hear on their phone) and after about an hour I dropped one lady home.

But the most random happening ocurred while we were talking to the respective insurance agencies, towtruck drivers and police. Out of nowhere, a parrot flew into the windscreen of the parked car, laid there for a while, tumbled into the middle of the road and was run over by a passing car.

We all just stood there for a moment in surprise! I did feel sorry for the bird, but what a strange thing to happen! It just makes you shake your head and realise sometimes crazy things happen, you just have to laugh if you can and take each moment as it comes.

I could have gone to the bank and not stopped to help the ladies, but Im glad I did. 'Cause if I had one month to live, I'd stop more to help old ladies (and parrots).

Donna Savill

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Anonymous said...

Oh Donna....

I'm certainly not 'laughing AT you'! That bird! It does just make you want to shake your head.

What an inspiration for us! You made a choice to do something outside of your own needs in the midst of frustration and a 'bad day'.

I certainly understand those moments of being so overwhelmed. We moved into this house while I was pregnant with Sophie, during the week with most people working and not much help other than teens.

I hope your daughter is much better, the bee sting is better...OUCH! Or as Sophie says when we're singing "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee", "COUCH"!

Oh well..."COUCH"! ;)

I pray your day is awesome today. I'm trying to remember something I learne in my very first Beth Moore Bible Study I'm attending, sing when temptation comes on me. For me---now---temptation is in the form of 'losing it'. Gotta' blog about that Bible Study. So excited to finally be a part of one.

Anyhow....for now, I'm off to sing...and I DO pray that you find grace today. This is precisely where my blog title comes from, daily moments like this...
Praying for you, "insert grace HERE....".

Many blessings my friend,

Rinna said...

Ah Don, I so needed that good giggle this morning!!! Actually cried so hard Matt thought something was wrong with me!! Poor parrot though - but still - FUNNY!!! love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! That parrot - what a sacrifice for the greater good of women everywhere who need a good laugh!

I'm cracking up - do you think when he/she/it hit the car and then woke up dazed, it thought "whew - dodged that bullet!" only to be flattened seconds later...? I think I've had days like the parrot (only not resulting in my death)

Thanks for the laugh... I thank God when He gives me a smile in the middle of it all. I pray all gets better in your family.

I'm a Believer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice that you godly women can really crack up over the parrot dying. God must have been trying to give you a good laugh for the crappy day he gave you :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, in the end I would stop for the old ladies, but I'm not so sure bout the parrot... ha! (But wait... I don't drive!)

No really, out of all your stress, you reached out, and I have to say, that so rocks in your busy world.

Check out mine and Rena's post(s) on those driving skills, you may feel better.