Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm sure you remember the possum fiascos, but something that I didn't tell you was that when I ran to get the camera to take this photo, I fell and really hurt my left knee. It was worth it for the story ;) but when it was still hurting 6 weeks later I decided to go to the doctor.

He thinks I have bursitis, inflammation of the bursa - the small protective sack over my knee joint. (That is not to be confused with inflammation of the bursar - due to the non payment of school fees. :)

Being an old-school doctor, the generic term he gave it was 'handmaids knee'. A condition caused by overusing or repetitively stressing a joint. Since I dont spend much time scrubbing floors or planting veggies, it must be from all the praying. ;)

It doesnt happen often in our bodies, but occasionally if we keep doing something which is detrimental to our health, one part will become inflamed. It hurts, but the end result is healing because it brings about a change in behaviour.

It doesnt happen often in life either, but on the odd occasion it is necessary to let someone know they are doing something that is detrimental to their spiritual health.

Some people have a wrong view of God which is going to make them miss out on the awesome eternity God has planned for them. And sometimes, on special occasions, we need to prompt them to think about that. I am not saying you should share this without thinking to everyone you know, I just would love it if you would be praying about and open to opportunities where God might want you to ask a question or share a truth about Him that people might not have considered.

Normally that is not something that I would do. I dont want people to potentially be inflamed because of something that I said, but if I consider the long term effects of how they are living, and God provides an opportunity and prompts me to say something, I will.

Cause Jesus is coming back,
and its not going to make any difference then
if they think I am a nice person,
But it is going to make all the difference
if that's all they think Jesus is.

So think about that today, and go inflame your bursae by prayin for those who don't know Him.

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Mum-me said...

I have the same problem as you - with my knee, that is.

I struggle with knowing when to offer advice ... I always keep thinking about 'the log in my eye.' I guess I'm not confident enough.

Bryce said...

Its a hard one. We dont want to be pushy or arrogant or turn people away, yet we want to be encouraging and faithful. I guess we just have to take one situation at at time and pray heaps!

Meags said...

Glad u put the hard things out there donna so easy to just sit in the glory of God and bask in it ourselves and out there others are missing out because we fear judgement or scaring them away or even talking truth to a fellow believer in love and asking them to be accountable without them seeing is as judging. You have it right to only do it when prompted. Hope your knee gets better maybe pray in a different possie for now. Love meags

Anonymous said...

So true!

Jesus sure made a lot of people upset with His Words when He walked the other.

This post hit home for me. I've been thinking a great deal about one particular area and not wanting to "overstep boundaries" or "step on toes".

Following His lead is what I need to remember.

You have such a way with words!