Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Little Miss...

Thanks to Megan, I have been officially sketched!

Check out her creation...


Megan sketched this by hand, and I added the colour in photoshop. (I kept the original cause the colours arent quite right just yet). She was inspired by my 100 things I think - see how many you can spot in there!

If you need a professional illustrator or just someone to create something for fun or work, Megans services are available at fabulous prices. Just leave a comment or email me and I'll pass your request on.

I think I need to make it into a shirt!

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Meags said...

Wow!!! This girl surely has been blessed!! Lol I might hire you for my business partner!! If you want a detailed one for actual tshirt and advertising i can sharpen it up heaps!!! But you have done a great job yourself of neatening up my sketch!!

Bryce said...

I dont really have anything to advertise ;) but yeah I'd love one for a T-shirt. Happy to be your first customer! I was just mucking around with the colours, I certainly didnt think it needed neatening up! I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Lauren Delaine said...


Well, for starters, the hair pulled back, the tunes in the background, glasses...think that must be a Pepsi Max. And a kill calling you in the background...oh, and that desire for a laptop...
WELLL, I second that! SO WANT ONE! Both of my teens have one.

OHHH, the geckos on the chair...CUTE!

I see the Bible on the shelf along with lots of books.

What's on the floor? Is that a reminder that you're "messy"? ;)

You're smiling, and that's EXACTLY how I always picture you.


Made me smile!


Ruth said...

You'll have to introduce me to Megan. I told one of my stories at KID'S CLUB this week, but it would have been better with some pictures - and that just isn't my talent.

Actually, I'm not sure teaching Pre- School/Preps is my talent either, but I'll keep trying. I think they loved the teddy bears, but I couldn't get them to sit in a circle for me.

Missed you at Church this morning!!