Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Father Of Hearts

I have some brilliant news. I know I haven’t been here chatting very much lately, but I just had to tell you about this. And by the way, Im working on a way I can stop in here more often while keeping all those plates spinning ;)

We went to Brisbane on Wednesday for Josh’s heart scan. Y’all can read about why
here and here. The doctor studied the ultrasound for quite some time, even asking Josh to change positions so he could see from a different angle.

The result – the specialist could find no trace of an aneurysm! We were expecting that it would have grown as it did last year just because his heart is growing. We would have accepted if it had remained the same size. We would have been pleasantly surprised if it had have gotten smaller but it just is not there. WOW!

I did pray that day asking God to heal it, because I know he can, I just didn’t expect that he would! Those other outcomes were OK with me, but I still asked for more.

I spoke to a great group of about 100 ladies on Thursday night and shared that the most memorable thing about this whole experience isn’t the fact that Josh’s aneurysm has disappeared, though I believe that is indeed a miracle, but that God has been all that we need the whole way through. With strength that doesn’t fail, peace that doesn’t fade, and life that doesn’t fall short of the fullness that He has promised to those who choose to trust him daily.

Rich Mullins wrote a song about finding perfect peace. He said lots of people say follow your heart, or follow your nose, or follow your dreams but those things are so subject to change with emotions, circumstances or others advice. The chorus goes like this..

The Father of hearts
And the maker of noses
The giver of dreams
He's the one I have chosen
And I will follow him

I know that God is the creator of hearts and could heal Josh, and I am soooo thankful that he did. And like there were 4 years when he chose not to heal it, and many circumstances in peoples life where He chooses not to intervene, sometimes things are going to happen in my life which are heartbreaking and hard for me to understand. But even in those times, I am going to choose to follow Him. Because He is God and He is worthy of my allegiance and he sent his Son to die for me so I could spend eternity with Him.

So Id like to say, along with thousands of others over the years (and millions of others over the centuries) To the father of hearts and the maker of noses, to the giver of dreams, you’re the one I have chosen and I will follow you.

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Lauren Delaine said...

Hallelujah! Praise His Name! Rejoicing with you, Donna!

And singing along as well!

OH how I've missed you! Oh how blessed I am because you shared this! Thank you!

I'm reminded that He can, that He DOES do exceeding, abundantly above all, ALLLL that I can ask or think!

And so I am asking BIGGGG! My wonky dryer, moody refrigerator and dilapidated lawn mower or not too big for Him! Circumstances don't change Him. If my refrigerator (ONLY a few years old, purchased post-hurricane Katrina) goes out, if I do happen to lose every single bit of food in it, if my dryer stops running, HE IS STILL GOD ALMIGHTY! And HE is STILL on the Throne!

And I praise His Holy Name!

Thank you, thank you!