Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Say The Least

Today the house is quiet. When I clean up a mess, it stays clean! When I set myself a task, I can finish it without interruptions. Its not the first day of school for Josh (but that will be coming very very soon!), it is quiet because of a generous friend.

I picked her son up from school yesterday and she met us at Kids Club later that night. It wasnt out of my way, it didnt take up much of my time, I didnt even have to make afternoon tea! But earlier that day, she had noticed that I looked a bit under the weather and so last night offered to have my kids for the whole day today. Wow! She thinks this isnt much to do for me, but it is a huge blessing that I really really appreciate. Not only is she cooking with them today, and no doubt humouring my daughter in many and varied conversations, it takes about half an hour from her place to ours and she insisted that she would come and pick them up!

There is a lot I could be doing... completing two subjects for my TAFE course, doing reports for work, doing my mums BAS (sorry mum!), cleaning and tidying, preparing for sunday school, and cooking dinner among other things, but I will use this time in the manner with which it was given ;) - to rest and recouperate... and write! And if I do, those other things will be a lot more enjoyable and easy to accomplish.

Often a gift which is "the least I could do" means a whole lot for someone else. I know of another friend who's church is advertising for a new pastor. She is setting aside some time in the coming year so she can help in whatever way is needed. Wow! As a pastor's wife, I know that will be such a blessing for the new pastor. He will be freed up to do more ministry because of her willingness to serve.

Many times, service that fits our gifts, talents, abilities and passions is quite easy for us to do and doesnt seem like much. But it is encouraging and a blessing to those who recieve it. I know there are times when service is hard work, but if its God who's asking me to serve, then in the light of the amazing gift of His Son, its the least I can do for Him!

The 'least' you could do might be to look after someone's kids, or serve in the kitchen at a ministry event, or set up chairs for a church service, or design a website, or join a choir, or write a note, or give a gift, or teach sunday school, or help at youth group, or make a dinner, or just say to someone, "how can I help?". And I'm not just talking about pastors or churches at all, there are many people in our community for whom those acts of kindness are just what they need and might just pave the way for God to work in their lives.

Ask God who He would like you to help. He has gifted you with many things you are good at, or very able to do, and some things in particular that He uses to bless others when you do them.

Even if you feel its the least you can do, do it! You might just bless the socks off someone and enable them the time and resources to bless others.

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The Everyday Mum said...

I love your writing, Donna! Always inspirational and always entertaining! Thank you...

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, encouraging reminder.