Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've Got You


This week Hannah learned to ride without her training wheels. We started by holding the bike for her, and getting her to try to balance, assuring her all the while with the words "I've got you. Keep going".

Then, the process pictured above started. First, Hannah needs a push off, and then Bryce runs with her all the way till the end and steadies her as she finishes.

Now, Hannah still needs a push off, but she can ride and even turn without help. But then, she needed her Dad right there with her to give her the confidence she needed to ride.

Take another look at the photos - In how many steps can she see her Dad's hand right there ready to steady or catch her if she falls? Only the last one - and only just! Even though he is right there with her all the way, it is only right when she needs him that he comes into view.

Do you recall those times in your life when you have seen the hand of God? When you have been comforted, reassured, steadied? When you have been given unexplained peace, joy or strength? That's just a glimpse of all God has done for you and enabled you to do!

Why not take some time to reconsider those hard situations of your life, see if you can see his presence there, and thank Him. And when the next situation comes where you think you are about to lose your balance, hear him saying "I've got you. Keep Going!"

p.s. And at the end, when he steadies you as you finish may you hear the words "well done, good and faithful servant!"

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Biggest Fan :) said...

Thanks you SO much for the reminder that He is always there ready to reach out when we become afraid of falling or when we think the going is getting too tough. Bless ya my precious one :)