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Anonymous said...

Dear Donna, Thanks so much for the link to your blog. I have been part of one before. WAs thinking about your mum the other day, I haven't heard from her in along time. Please say hello to her for me and give her my love. You could give her my email if you like. Please tell her I am studying Midwifery at present, hope to be finished at the end of the year. Are you enjoying things in Bundaberg, its a great city, we spent some holiday time there years ago.
How are Bryce's parents?
I enjoyed your stories and the way you wove God into them. It gets tricky at times but isn't it great how He gives you inspiration and oportunities to share you hope.
luv Mary Bell

Anonymous said...

Love your work B/M. From the Trebbins

Wawa said...

I just signed up for you updates. What a sweet blog. I related to the story of losing your son. My husband temporarily lost ours at a store recently and found he had gone back out to his truck and was hiding in the bed of it waiting for daddy to return, sobbing because he was lost. Once they are safe, we can realize the wonderful life lessons in those moments. Look forward to reading more about your family.