Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Potamus Up a Tree


Last night we found this little critter up a tree...

Josh is still learning that it is a "possum" and not a "potamus" although he was the first to put his hand out to give the potamus some bread to eat.

Hannah however, was quite reluctant and held the bread close to her body. She didnt realise the joy and experience of holding her hand out and having the potamus take it from her in its little paws.

Sometimes in life we hold things tight and close in order to stay safe. But it is in opening up and letting go that we experience true joy and deeper experiences in life.

Do you have some bread to let go of? You never know, there might be a potamus just around the corner!


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Anonymous said...

great shot! I couldn't get that close!

Bryce said...

Thanks! no expertise required this time though, he was taking it out of our hands and posing for shots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, I am thrilled to be invited to view your blog, you are so clever and witty. I still have your 'Sugar glider' story from a camp. Thanks for inspiring me to think of ways of using everyday situations to talk about God with others. :) luv Carol D SCC

Mum-me said...

I've just read your last few posts. I found my way here from .... um .... somewhere, and somewhere else! (I've been blog-surfing instead of house cleaning while my little girls take a nap.)

Your photos are awesome. I like the way you use everyday events and relate them to our realtionship with God. I am so pleased to find another christian aussie blogger - you're the first one I've come across.

My blog doesn't have much christain content (apart from talking about praying)because my non-saved family read it, and I don't want to overload them with 'churchspeak' before they are ready for it.