Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chasing Turtles

Josh and I went out today chasing Eagles

- Im still determined to get that shot of an eagle soaring...but today was not my day for that.

Unfortunately, I cant get close enough to get a good shot. So I either need to be on a hill or mountain (neither of which can be found in Bundaberg!), or I need them to fly lower.

{{orrrr maybe I need a super SIGMA AF/MF 170-500mm ZOOM LENS!! haha}}

Instead of chasing eagles, we stumbled upon a turtle.

In the middle of a dirt road. With his neck stuck riiiiight out.

Not the smartest place for our little turtle to be. In a pond, he would be in his element. Able to do whatever it is that turtles do. But out here he was most certainly in for some trouble. He politely refused my offer of help to get him off the road and so we drove around him and wished him all the best. I just have one little comment from todays expedition

If you're going to stick your neck out and stand your ground,
you'd better make sure you are where you're meant to be!
(otherwise you'll be left high and dry
and in the path of some very large oncoming vehicles!)

p.s. if you look very closely, youll see he smiled for the camera!

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