Saturday, February 20, 2010

Health & Beauty - 1. Get A Diary

This is the first of 10 articles that appeared in ConXion magazine's Health and Beauty Section in 2010.

You see the ads everywhere you turn: in the shopping centres, on television, on the internet. Everyone is looking for a quick way to get thin. Lots of people are looking for convenient ways to get fit. Some people want to look like their favourite celebrities. But what Jenny or Tony don’t advertise, is that there is no quick or easy way to lose those unwanted kilos or build up those flabby muscles. It takes hard work and determination.

But wait, don’t skip over to another page just yet! Each month in Conxion we will share with you a simple yet effective tip to get you started and help you stay on track for a healthy life. And for those of you worried this will turn into a ‘Christian Womens Weekly’ or a ‘New Christian Idea’: fear not! – “for physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come” (1 Tim 4:8). And so, realising the great importance of shaping up spiritually, and the parallels between physical and spiritual discipline, allow me to share with you the overview for this Column.

1. Get Organised
2. Get Honest
3. Get Out

And our first of ten points we will cover this year is… Get A Diary.

Not very profound, but it may be just what you need to start. There is no way you can be disciplined in the physical or spiritual aspects of life if the rest of your life is disorganized. I have tried desperately to disprove this theory by struggling to accomplish everything while being disorganised but it only leads to stress and failure.

You need to set time aside for important things, and be able to look back and evaluate how you spent your time. It is vitally important you set aside time to exercise, and even record your diet or your weight, but it is essential for the health of our soul that we spend time with our Heavenly Father each day. It’s a great resource to look back over what He has taught you, how He has helped and grown you, and what verses His Spirit has highlighted to encourage or challenge you.

I feel much saner with my diary because I am able to write down the tasks or concerns occupying my mind, and I feel the same way when I start the day in prayer to God. I can share all that is bothering me, concerning me, or just busying my mind, and when I allow Him to put them on His ‘to-do’ list I am able to go out into my day tackling one task at a time.

It’s the perfect time to get a diary – it’s the start of a year, it’s a great time for new-years resolutions, and the diaries are on special! What are you waiting for?

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Friday, February 19, 2010


We got a good deal at the Tender Centre on a Foosball Table. Bryce noticed it from the other side of the auction house and was interested immediately. It grabbed his attention and he thought it would be great for youth group. It had a low reserve and for a sturdy table was a great price.

We almost didn't pick up this great deal however, when I dismissed my husband's suggestion because in my mind, half the handles were missing. We were all the way over the other side of the auction hall before I voiced my reason and he pointed out with a smile on his face that 'half the handles' are on the other side!

I wonder what other people see when they look at us. I hope they see something of interest, grace that grabs their attention, peace that sparks their curiosity, but I know that some people are turned away by an apparent flaw - we have relinquished control of the big decisions and direction of our life - half the handles are 'missing'!

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things we are responsible for and enough to keep us busy, but there are some moves we were not meant to play. For those tragic or tricky situations, it is so freeing knowing we can trust Him who made the table and holds the handles. And once we relinquish control of having to do everything ourselves and worry about the outcome of things we have little or no control over, we can 'play' our part in conjunction with him and see the table of life how it was meant to be. We can watch the plays unfold and give credit to the strong and quick hands on the other side.

A friend asked me recently if I was worried about a certain situation and if I was going to intervene to force the outcome I was hoping for? Nope. The handle is on the other side. Should I have stressed about my skin cancer op? Nope. Handle's on the other side. Was I fretting when Josh was in hospital with aneurysms in his heart? Nope. Handle's on the other side. Oh but I was praying! And it was the best thing I could do.

There are decisions that have to be made, calls to be made, applications to be written, challenges, confrontations and work to be done. But next time you are about to take control, pray about whether it should be done, whether it is your responsibility, and remember - some handles are on the other side.

Game on :)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


I didn't mind my kids being around my feet as they were toddlers but I have been finding myself lately saying things like "move", "get out of the kitchen", and "what are you doing here?" (in a kind motherly way of course ;).

They LOVE to help in the kitchen. And for a brief period of time, they are even enjoying washing up (though unpacking the dishwasher has sadly lost it's novelty). When I have tasks for them to do, I like having them help, but sometimes I discover the results of them 'helping' withouth being asked or 'helping themselves' when I step onto a floor covered in sugar or see a trail of chocolate sauce or vegemite handprints all the way from the kitchen to the lounge.

Sometimes they are trying to help me and other times they are helping themselves but unless I have actually given them a task to do, they are often just in the way, or getting into things that aren't good for them.

I like to be helpful too, and often I have great ideas of how I can help God in my church, in my family, help other people or even help my self. But I am getting the feeling sometimes I might be in the way. Sometimes I am allowed in God's kitchen - the steam room where things are happening. Sometimes he asks me to pick up a mess, or give some refreshment, or add some spice to what He is doing and I love helping Him out! Its definitely the best feeling ever. But, like my kids, then I hang around and start doing things myself which just makes a mess or throws off the timing or I help myself to something which wasn't meant for me.

Its high time I just sat down, watched Him work, chatted about things and asked if there was anything He would like me to do. And He might even say, "Alright, since you asked, this encouragement is just about ready, you can serve it up for me" or "Yes, I have been saving this step for you". I know He is the one who does all the preparation, planning, measuring, timing and garnishing and He gets all the credit, but I just LOVE it when He lets me help :).

Where are you at the moment - Right beside Him following instructions? Helping out or helping yourself? Or doing something unproductive and not in the kitchen at all?

Well...move! ;)

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