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My name is Donna and I live in Australia with my husband Bryce and our two children. My husband is a pastor here in Queensland, my daughter is 8 and loves to read and my son features the most in my writing because of his crazy antics and death defying stunts (and he’s only 6!).

I’m sure you will get to know us a little as you read about our weird and wonderful adventures but the main reason I write is so you’ll get to know someone far more important - The God who created you, has a plan for your life and sent his Son so that you could have a relationship with him now and for eternity!

Its an honor that you are reading what I'm writing and it is my prayer that through my words you will be encouraged in your faith and grow in a deeper relationship with our God.

If you would like to read more, check out 100 Things About Me (you might want to grab a cuppa first though ;)
 Have a fabulous day!
Bundaberg Mum
Todays kids quote - 3am one morning...
Master 5: Does God love people with no hair?
Mummy: Yes, of course, God loves everyone the same.
Master 5: Yes, but does he liiiiike bald people as much as other people?
...hoping I'm not raising my children to discriminate against the follicly challenged...

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