Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Ready

I just went in to Hannah's room and
asked her why she was still awake.
She said "I was just asking God to tell
Grandad Jim that we miss him".

This morning we attended the funeral of a dear friend. Jim was an awesome, Godly man and one we both respected immensely and loved spending time with. I sat on the couch with Jim just a month ago to watch the final episode of Anne of Green Gables which I had been watching with his wife Connie this year. I have so many special memories and I thank God that he blessed us with the opportunity of getting to know and love Jim and Connie (we even made it to their fridge :)

Today marks the third funeral for our church in the last month and it is a sad time. Two of these funerals were for people who didnt have much time to prepare, which meant some things here were left undone, but all three were brilliantly prepared for the other side...

Ernie, Audrey and Jim left this world and were immediately in the presence of Jesus. All three had the assurance that heaven is where they were going and their families have the sure hope that they will see them again one day if they too believe that Jesus is the Son of God and submit their lives to Him.

The most important thing we need to get ready is our relationship with God. Have you decided to follow Him and are you continuing to do so? Cause there is a day coming soon, when you will have to give an account for your allegiance and your life. There will not be time to say "I didn't know" or "I needed more time".

I have asked Jim's family if I can post a poem that Jim wrote and I have posted it here.

Jim was an inspiration to so many people and today, through his poem, his family's reflections on his life and a song that his son Ed wrote, I came away with a renewed desire to take seriously the dreams and aspirations God has placed in my heart and do everything I can to make this life count for Him. I don't need to do anything to earn my way into heaven, that was finished on the cross, but my response to His great love is going to be to serve Him in any way I can, with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength.

...I know its been a while since I last posted. But I have been getting something else ready... I'll tell you about it sometime soon ;)

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23 May 2001
by Jim Heckathorn

Today, more than ever, I am at peace with God
Today, more than ever, I trust that my home will be with the saints in heaven

Today is the day
Not yesterday, to say
I believe that I shall see
What God has always planned for me.

Today is the day
To work and to play
To see what God has in store
And never want for more.

Today is the day
If it is ever to be
To plan and to action
The vision God has given to me.

Today is the day
To work through the issues at hand
Today is the day
To accomplish God's Plan.

Today is the day
To complete what I have promised
To stay in His will
And not stray from His Word.

Today is the day
for I may not have tomorrow
To make sure that I am ready
someone else’s faith I cannot borrow.

Today is the day
To pray much more than ever
To ensure that I will live
Forever and ever and ever.

Jim Heckathorn (1936-2009)

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