Tuesday, July 28, 2009


23 May 2001
by Jim Heckathorn

Today, more than ever, I am at peace with God
Today, more than ever, I trust that my home will be with the saints in heaven

Today is the day
Not yesterday, to say
I believe that I shall see
What God has always planned for me.

Today is the day
To work and to play
To see what God has in store
And never want for more.

Today is the day
If it is ever to be
To plan and to action
The vision God has given to me.

Today is the day
To work through the issues at hand
Today is the day
To accomplish God's Plan.

Today is the day
To complete what I have promised
To stay in His will
And not stray from His Word.

Today is the day
for I may not have tomorrow
To make sure that I am ready
someone else’s faith I cannot borrow.

Today is the day
To pray much more than ever
To ensure that I will live
Forever and ever and ever.

Jim Heckathorn (1936-2009)

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Rena said...

Amazing words! This is truly a wake up call! Thank you for posting, Donna.

sandy said...

May we all live according to 'the gospel of Jim'

Bryce said...

Good point Sandy, may we all be living in a way that others can see 'the gospel according to {insert your name here}'