Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Health & Beauty - 10. Burn It

How are you all feeling? Are you ready for the New Year? I hope after all the reading (and exercising and good eating) you’ve been doing that you are healthier than you were last year. And I pray that your relationship with God is healthier too. Have you put any of the tips into practice?

I have one last tip to share with you and some good news to leave you with. (You’re welcome :).

10. The Burn:

Did you know that exercise goes on burning fat, even when you sleep? That’s right! So put your feet up and let your hard work pay off. Now if you haven’t been working overly hard, let me give you some encouragement.

Even when you don’t feel like getting up for a walk, you’ll always be glad you did. You get to start the day with energy and purpose. You enjoy creation and cool morning air and get home with plenty of time and patience for the morning routine.

And when you don’t feel like getting up to read the bible, go to church, or go to bible study, you’ll always be glad you did. You’ll have extra energy, more purpose, learn and enjoy more about God’s Word and His character, and have more time and patience to get through your day!

And the best part of putting that effort in? The effects keep multiplying even when you aren’t aware of it.

Your body, mind and spirit are off to the best start. They are in gear, ready to keep you healthy, happy and honed for your daily tasks. You are training your body to continue in the way you want it to go, and starting your mind down the path you want it to follow for the rest of the day.

Keep it up! You’ll love the ‘new you’! Put your alarm on for the morning and start the day right. And 2011 is upon us, get in training now so you can start the new year with a new resolve, new passion, and maybe even a new dress size ;)

I hope that throughout the year you have received some inspiration and some tips to living well. I hope your clothes are a better fit after you put some of that into practice and you find that life is a better fit too.

Here’s what we covered in 2010…

1. Get A Diary
2. Weigh In
3. Get Ready
4. Metabolise
5. Resist
6. Watch Out!
7. Don’t Skip
8. Happy Meals
9. Get Out
10. Burn It

Let me know if it worked!


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