Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who's Side Are You On?

With the State of Origin games and school athletics carnivals there has been a lot of talk about sporting teams and people everywhere are becoming passionate about their team. They talk about it, wear clothes representing it, have signs on their cars, paint their faces and sing crazy songs. Most people are very proud of the colours they wear and cheer on their team and defend them at any opportunity.

I came under a bit of heat recently when I wore a red shirt to a sports carnival. The problem was that I am actually in the yellow team, but didn't have a yellow shirt ;). The yellow team wasn't happy that I had absconded due to fashion, and the red team weren't happy because I wasn't wholeheartedly supporting them. I think they were a little offended that I was wearing their colour and not a true supporter at heart! Even though I prefer red, and red was winning, I was quickly reminded "You can't 'prefer' a side, you are either a supporter or not!" You don't support a team while they are popular or support them while it makes you liked. A true supporter will still be a proud supporter in the midst of opposition and attack from rivals. (I think they like the banter!)

People are often known and remembered by what they are passionate about. And even more so when they pass that passion on to others. Leaving a legacy is living by our convictions, not our preferences.

Preferences are subject to change: changes with mood, with peer pressure, with what 'works for me' at the time, what makes me feel good and what makes me happy. Convictions remain the same and provide an anchor for feelings, emotions, and decisions even in the toughest of times.

Being a follower of Jesus is not about preferences. You won't last very long on the journey if you are committed to having your own needs for happiness fulfilled. If you pray when you need something, serve when you're saluted, give when you are shown gratitude, obey when it suits you and love when it feels good you are sitting out, missing out and selling out.

Being a follower of Jesus is a life changing, eternity altering, exciting adventure but it is not for the casual supporter. You are welcome to be a casual supporter with a season ticket to Sunday services, but that's not even a glimpse of the camaraderie, conviction and calling of the true adventure of a life with Christ. I am wearing my colours proud. I will be a graciously outspoken follower of Christ.

I will not dis' your decision but I'll excitedly tell you how Good it us to be on This side. I will unashamedly invite you to join us. And I will pray my heart out that you do.

Who's side are you on?

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