Saturday, December 15, 2007


Have you ever had someone drop in unexpectedly at the worst possible moment?

I had a call from a friends husband who was worried as he was out of town on business and could not get hold of his wife. I bravely volunteered to go around to their house to check, but was stopped in my tracks when I discovered the car in the driveway, the lights on, the door open, but no-one answering my calls. By this stage I was getting concerned myself so went to find a braver neighbour to accompany me. We exchanged introductions and i explained my predicament. He kindly escorted me inside the house and waited in the living room while I checked the rest of the house.

One by one i check the childrens bedrooms and they are all fast asleep and finally I find my friend in the back room watching a DVD with her brother, with the volume up loud so unable to hear the home and mobile phones ringing throughout the evening. Relieved to find her, I turned and walked back to the living room, muttering something about how much trouble she is in and she follows me out (in her pajamas) and is shocked to find a stranger in her living room, standing amongst the remnants of dirty clothes, a stray nappy, piles of dishes, toys and gear from a camping trip they had returned from the day before. She is utterly embarrased and after introducing my friend to her neighbour, I politley escorted him out, thanking him for his help and apologising for the false alarm.

The state of my friends house was the most embarrasing part for her. She had been a bit lax after coming back from camping and was in no rush to put things away or get the house in order because her husband was to be away for the week. Then suddenly, when she was least expecting it, there was a visitor standing in the midst of her mess and she had no time to make anything right!

She reminded me that someone else, much more important, is going to arrive in a similar way...

One day soon, Jesus is coming back. Actually, it could be tonight. It could be in the next 15 mintues! The day He returns will come "like a theif in the night" (I Thess 5:2) and he comes not to steal but to reveal. When he comes, we will be seen for who we really are. People will be separated like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matt 245:31-32) And to everyone on earth, he will be seen for who he really is. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord (Phil 2:10-12).

But for those of us who already call him Lord, what will he find when he arrives at our place? Will he find us in the midst of yelling at our children? Or snapping at our husband? Or gossipping about a friend? Or cheating on our tax? Or telling a half truth to a workmate? Or being proud? Or self seeking? Or angry? Or resentful? Or worrying?

Christmas is a time to remember and celebrate the time when God entered history and came to earth as a man - Jesus. Let it also be a reminder that he is coming back any day now. So get ready. Give your heart a spring clean and get rid of the junk that has accumulated, especially over this busy time. Put the important things in their right place and may you be found in faithful service to your Lord when he returns.

Then you may hear those precious words - "Well done, good and faithful servant" (Matt 25: 21,23)

Want to know some home decor tips for your heart? Read 1 Cor 13 about what love is, Gal 5:22 about the fruit of the spirit and Phil 4:8-9 about your mind.

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