Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poking Wasps

Hello girls and boys! Todays life lesson has been brought to you by the letter W and the number 3.

My son who is 3 hasn't had a particularly good week. Yesterday he was very excited about having some friends around to play. When we arrived home, he immediately bolted around the side of the car to greet them and ran straight into an opening side door leaving a nasty cut, bump and bruise on his forehead. He was just too busy rushing around to see what was happening right in front of him.

On Tuesday, while playing soccer in the backyard with Dad, he noticed a wasps nest hanging on the fence at about head-height. Being an inquisitive little lad, he said "oh, look at this!" and proceeded to poke the wasps nest with his finger. As you can imagine, the wasps didn't take kindly to this and swarmed onto his face stinging him 3 times on the cheek and nose. This time his busy fingers got him into trouble.

One of the traps for us in life that we don't often see or realise is our busyness. Being busy doing 'good' things often prevents us from doing the 'best' thing or seeing the open doors for our life or ministry.

Does your life feel too busy? Do you know why you let yourself get busy?

Maybe you get a sense of significance in doing good works? Maybe you try to please others by saying yes to all thats asked of you? Maybe your busyness is an attempt at avoiding loneliness or being alone? Whatever the reason, its time to stop and take a look around at what you are doing.

It is in quietness that we are able to assess what the best thing for us to do is, and to weigh up the consequences of our actions, and really seek to join God where he is working.

There might be an open door just waiting for you to see, or you may be about to get stung cause you went ahead instead of waiting for your Heavenly DAD!

Psalm 46:10 says "Be still, and know that I am God". You aren't going to miss out if you wait on God (well, you might miss out on some nasty stings!). You will actually be more effective cause you will be doing what He wants you to do! And you will enjoy it more because you wont be weighed down by all the other unnecessary things you have signed up for.

I tried this concept out this week, and I feel much more relaxed, and have had more meaningful times with people as I had the opportunity to be spontaneous because I hadn't pre-booked my whole week. Thinking back, because I chose not to busy myself, I was able to go bowling with my son when he asked (he really did deserve it after this week!), I was able help a stranger who needed an extra pair of hands while working, and I saw a mum at school in a bit of a different light. How refreshing!

It really is worth it! So... be still... our DAD is right there with you and will guide you if you wait for Him.

A friend just added this quote..."Whenever you say Yes to something you're also saying No to something else, be it God, family, friends or even sleep!!!!"

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