Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ooh, A Date!

Have you ever been on a date? I remember some dates that Bryce and I went on. We went to musicals in brisvegas, walked along the beach at sunset, went bushwalking, to the movies, stayed up late looking at the stars.

Tonight, Bryce has a date. Well, its not really a date, he's gone with a mate of his to the movies.
In Brisbane.
4 hours away !

... I know... what a strange thing to do! what a strange thing for Bryce to do! But they are good mates so instead of going on a fishing weekend, they drove to Brisbane to see the new 3D U2 movie. Now I am actually very impressed that Bryce would do something so silly. Why on earth would you drive 8 hours to see a movie?? haha! He has my full support (and Im going to play that card next time I want him to do something outrageous with me!)

When we are getting to know someone, we tend to go out of our comfort zones to do things they like doing, or new ideas they might suggest. But then after a while, we end up not doing those things any more. Sometimes our own preferences creep back in - I dont actually like sand on my feet and Bryce thinks movies are a waste of time - well, so he said! Sometimes we just settle with doing the day to day things instead of thinking of the other person. And if I remember rightly, when we chose to do those special things for other person, we actually had a great time with them!

Do you remember that time when you would do anything for Jesus? You went on Beach Mission or Overseas trips, you served the poor, you prayed for people, you gave your money to those in need, you sang your heart out, you told people about Him? But maybe now, those things just arent things you enjoy, or can afford, or have time for, or even think about?

Life isnt meant to be like that. Our relationship with Jesus isnt meant to be about commitment to work first, or balancing our budget first, or not offending our friends by not talking about Him.

I think its high time we asked Jesus what he wants to do.
Cause life is so much better when we join Him where he is!

I've got a date this week. (Yes, I should arrange to go on one with Bryce too!)

On Wednesday, Jesus and I are going to give $100 to a lady who's glasses got stolen and she cant afford to buy new ones. Im a bit scared, she doesnt know Him, so she's going to think Im a bit weird. And cause she squints all the time, she looks a bit scary and I always feel like I'm in trouble! It might not work out the way I plan, its definitely out of my comfort zone, but if thats what He wants to do, then He can count me in!

Lets get back to that time in our relationship with Him where we would really sacrifice all we have to be where He is.

Why dont you ask him right now what he wants to do this week?

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Traveller said...

Love the blog, BM :) This one really made me think. I definitely need some date time with God ---- I look forward to reading more! xx

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Remember this, if HE is wanting you to do this, HE will give you the strength and the means to do it as well as be right there with you when you do. There's no reason to be scared.
Fear is from the devil. God doesn't give us that.

So get ready for your wonderful date night! There's no reason to think it won't be otherwise.

I'll be praying you can say just the right thing that will soften her heart toward Jesus.