Monday, January 1, 2007

100 Things

100 Things About Me

My husband Bryce is a pastor and I am always stoked that I am the one who gets to go home with him after church :).
I had a crush on him when I was in high school.
He didn't feel the same way until quite a few years later.
We have two awesome kids.
We live in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
I like the feel of new flannel pj's.
I like the smell of a pine forest.
I can juggle.
I play the guitar, and the Congas.
My favourite flower is a Gerbera.
I love Pepsi Max, possibly a bit too much.
I scored 200 in ten pin bowling in 2008.
I can touch my nose with my tongue.
I think my husband is a great preacher.
Gift giving and words of encouragement are my love languages.
I once lived on Lord Howe Island.
I love wearing jeans, even on cooler summer days if I can get away with it.
I am a bookkeeper, and I enjoy the feeling of a reconciled bank statement.
I don't like the sand.
I would love a laptop.
I always wear my hair up.
I am a pro in wii bowling.
Photography is something I love to do.
I enjoy reading, but don't often make the time.
Comments on my blog always encourage me.
The only time I have seen snow was in a blizzard.
I love Christmas and often wrap presents for myself under the tree.
I have been to Thailand and New Zealand.
I have seen Kangaroos in people's back yards.
I don't like having bare feet.
I am a messy, and Bryce likes things neat. Yeah, you get the picture.
I love taking pictures of soaring eagles.
I have been married since 2000.
I have been known to put the Christmas tree up in November.
My favourite animal is a gecko.
I enjoy playing with my kids.
I would like to be an author.
I have written for 5 Minutes for Faith and Inspired Bliss. I don't know if that actually makes me a 'writer' or not.
I enjoy speaking and I loved the Mosaic conference @ Southport '07.
I enjoy talking in general :).
Being with people energises me.
I would love to go to a Blissdom, Blogging, JBU or P31 conference in the USA.
I like listening to Third Day, Jimmy Needham, Brandon Heath and Casting Crowns.
My favourite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31, but I have many other very much loved passages.
I connect with God easily through music so often include music in my quiet times.
I love going to Tamborine Mountain for our winter holidays and sitting by the fire (and chasing eagles).
I like going to the Sunshine Coast for our summer holidays and sitting by the pool (and chasing eagles).
I have a Bachelor of Ministries from the Bible College of Queensland.
I did 2 years of a 4 year town planning degree at university and my job since 2001 has been with a town planning company.
My favourite dinner is roast lamb with baked veggies.
My favourite combination at Cold Rock is Double Chocolate Ice Cream, with Flake Chocolate and Chocolate syrup mixed in.
My current favourite icecreams at Baskin & Robins are Love Potion or Cookie Dough. mmmmm.
Last year, my 4yr old son was stung three times by wasps, once by a bee, fell off a horse, burnt by a stick out of the fire, and had 7 green ant bites on his back. He keeps things interesting.
I love Australian summer afternoon thunderstorms.
I love telling my kids about the Bible and how God relates to everyday situations.
I really love it when my kids surprise me with unprompted manners or kindness to others.
I always enjoy seeing native wildlife, except when they are inside my house.
I use my mobile/cellphone to see in the dark.
I have never been admitted to hospital except to have my kids.
I am 30 and a bit.
I think Coke tastes better out of glass bottles.
I update my facebook status frequently, but I don't tweet very often.
We have lived in 8 houses in 8 years of marriage.
We had bouquets of red roses at our wedding.
My Bible is an NIV but I also enjoy CEV and New Living Translation.
We have 28 Bibles on our bookshelf and more around the house. Do you think thats overdoing it a bit? :)
I like country music and a bit of Jazz.
I really dislike the sound of people eating.
I don't have any fillings.
I am shortsighted (in an optomological kind of way).
I am very afraid of grasshoppers.
I love Grosvenor Sherbet Fountains (sherbet with a liquorice stick).
I may be caught singing along to Veggie Tales or Music Machine songs.
I am lactose intolerant (but I try to train my body by having the occasional chocolate thickshake).
I am allergic to alcohol (not fun, but a good party trick. Of course I don't do that because I'm a pastor's wife ;).
Last time I danced was at a best friends wedding. Bryce declined the offer to join me :).
I recently watched the entire season of Quantum Leap. Remember that show?
I used to sell Star Wars Lego on eBay.
I was an eBay powerseller for a while.
I don't have any pets.
My first car was a little red Leyland Mini (thanks mum!).
I grew up with two dogs and two cats. Oh and my mum, dad and brother.
I secretly like Dolly Parton and I may have Dolly Parton Hymns on my ipod somewhere.
To quote The Princess Bride, "I am not left handed."
I have line-danced and belly-danced in the last year. 'shimmy!'
I am on the taller side of short.
I only need to be 20cm taller to be in my healthy weight range. (I think I should do something about that. Update: lost 10kg last year ;)
I am currently loving reading Lysa Terkeurst, I like Francine Rivers Novels and I enjoy reading Max Lucado.
I don't like saying No.
I like skittles though.
I love going out for coffee.
I have 475 friends on facebook.
They aren't really all my friends.
I have a good friend who lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana.
Currently I also have friends in Fiji, China and Turkey.
A lovely, slightly more mature lady got me drinking coffee and taught me to wolf whistle just a few years ago. I admire her greatly :)
I love chatting to my friends from afar on the phone, you know who you are!
Feasting with friends, Lunches with June and Hanging with the Hecks have been some of my highlights here in Bundy.

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Anonymous said...

You sure are a delightfully lovely woman of God & it brings me joy just to know you.
Have a great day
Karen xo

Lori said...

Happy 100th! Cookie dough ice cream makes me giddy and I totally miss being able to get Coke in a glass bottle.

Anonymous said...


I love these...although I let mine pass my by. Not too late, you think?

WELLL, I CAN TOUCH MY NOSE WITH MY TOUNGE! And we are probably the only two people excited about that! WHO KNEW we had that in common?

LOVE Third Day and Casting Crowns, don't really like to be barefoot either. I like to talk and want to be an author as well, but I think you probably guessed those.

AND YES! I think your contributions count for being a "writer". I think your talents, or should I say gifts--count for being a writer!

Interesting and funny as well!

I really should do this.

Oh, you know I was born in Pensacola?

Meags said...

Congratulations Donna!! Yes u do definately qualify!!! If u know the "little miss" series u would suit "little miss blogger" a colourful character with a computer screen,glasses and definately a pepsi max in hand! Must say i seem to know u better on this world of late rather than the real world which i must change. Keep up your awesome blogging they are up there on my reading devotionals! Very light and refreshing! Bye for now meags

Anonymous said...

1 of the 100 things about me (Carol)...... I love Donna's blogs>...... I lover her wit, insight and the creative ways she shares her passion for the Lord. Congratulations on you 100th Donna, love you loads Carol

Anonymous said...

This is the first comment and I hate to tell you this, but we have a lot in common. You are a `beautiful woman of God' (that's what my name means), I have a `tidy' husband too and I love him lots. I love Pepsi Max and Max Lucado, and my favourite Bible is the New Living, but I read the NIV with my hubby and at Church.
I am allergic to alcohol; and next time you come for a meal I will definetely make it a roast.

I don't have as many friends as you, but my best friend is the same, Jesus!!

Oh, I didn't know you played the guitar. I would like to be an author too, mainly `cause I love to encourage people - and I would say you are definately and author and encourager. Keep it up.