Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Return

Do you remember the time Jesus and I went on a date? Now you probably don't, 'cause this particular event happened 15 months ago, but I was reminded of it today in a very special way.

The date I'm referring to was a special occasion when I felt that God was asking me to give some money to a lady who couldnt afford glasses. I really wasnt sure how it would go or what she would think. Most people aren't used to others giving them money out of the blue. It went better than I expected actually, but as is often the case, I did not get to see the final result. And that is OK.

Today, however, 15 months later, after not having seen the lady for about 9 months, I saw her at work. She told me with an excited expression how much easier it was to drive now, and how she could see the computer screen at work. Actually when she saw me walk in, she told me to wait at the desk while she went out to the back office to get them just to show me.

Im not taking any credit for the gift, it was God's idea. And I'm really praying that she doesnt think about ME when she appreciates her new gift of sight. I pray that she'll shake her head and wonder why that crazy follower of Jesus would do something so outrageous. And I pray one day she will wonder why this Jesus would do something so outrageous as to give His life for her. And I pray she will bow the knee to the King of Kings who loved her so much he gave her some glasses to show that He cares.

Do you have a date planned this week? Better check your calendar :)

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Rena said...

I had to go back and check out that story about your date with Jesus.

This is so cool! He always has the best dates, doesn't He?

And you know what's especially great about His dates? He's ALWAYS available!