Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flipping Brilliant

Well, today is a bit of a momentous day...
Mostly because its my 30th Birthday
But its also my 50th post!

Hopefully when you leave comments saying may there be many more, you mean years and posts!

...If anyone leaves comments...

....If anyone is reading this....

Ahh I'll keep writing anyway :)

Today Marion gave me a book called "Flipping Brilliant: A Penguin's Guide to a Happy Life" by Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan. I'd like to share some of the comments with you...

Life is not black and white.
Stand up for yourself.
When everyone looks the same, look deeper.
The meek sleep alone.
Kids learn infitely more from how we act than from what we tell them.
Transitions are a bummer.
You can be too thin.
You'll never go wrong with basic black.
When a place feels right, it is right.
Listen to your partner.
Its what you do when no one's watching that counts.
Someone has to go first.
A day at the beach can cure a vast array of ailments.
Its better to be smart than cute. (And best to be both.)
Despite all evidence to the contrary, kids are generally worth all the trouble.
Determination makes all the difference.
Guano happens.
Don't always follow the crowd, but do believe in the camaraderie of kindred souls.
Some things we will never understand.
Learn to be still.
Think ahead.
Uphills don't last forever.
Parenting is a two-person job.
Adaption is survival
Work with nature.
Be an original.
Life is an adventure. Live accordingly.

Of course, all of these make much more sense when you read the penguine facts that go along with them. For example, the one about Guano (penguin poop). "For African penguins, guano makes an ideal nesting material. For Gentoo penguins, its more of a decor statement. Its what you do with life's little unexpected gifts that counts."

Hopefully as I have shared some of my life's unexpected gifts they have blessed you too!

p.s. Which one is your favourite?

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Rinna said...

Ah Awesome - Some fabulous Insights there :) Will have to have a look at that book next time I'm up... :) MY favourite is quite possibly the one you explained - Guano Happens - what a great alternative the the more popular version that I find myself not quite able to say in polite company - LOL - will be using it - just off now to look up the pronunciation - Love ya xxxx

Traveller said...

Hi Bundy Mum - Loving the blog :) I particularly love all the little morsels of wisdom on this posting. Just wondering - how do you put that little visitor's feed on your blog? You have figured out many nifty blogspot technicalities that I haven't! x

Anonymous said...

I just typed a nice, long comment...and lost it in cyberspace! Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Okay, I'm trying again! did indeed bless me with your post.

Second, Happy Bithday! A milestone- 30!

Third, Happy 5oth post! Keep those posts coming!

I just had my 39th birthday and think I will just hold here! ;)
You're still a spring chicken, woman!


Anonymous said...

Okay...fourth- did anyone notice that my zero in 50th is an o?


Okay....I can't stand when I have typos...oh I can roll with them in other people's posts....but here I am...rambling in your comments about an "o". Sad.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I have been away from the blog world, so I am late to wish you a happy birthday. I do hope it was as lovely as you are!