Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Can you think of times in your life when God really provides things at just the right time? Im talking 'wow, how did you know?' moments. I have a few from the last week actually.
One was a friend giving me a bunch of flowers right when I needed it, and the other was a friend sending an e-card from (pictured above) with a message that answered the very question that I was asking from a book I was reading. It was like God tapped those two ladies on the shoulder and said "Neatie/Meags, would you mind giving this to Donna for me? Thanks".

The book I'm reading is called "Becoming a Vessel God Can Use" by Donna Partow. The chapter I am reading tonight is about Gideon and is quickly summarised in these 4 points:

  • God is not looking for self-confident people
  • God isn't interested in our excuses
  • Dont expect all the answers up front, and
  • Dont listen for the cheering section

I dont really have time to read a book right now, but as soon as Bryce gave it to me I knew I had to make time.

I havent been around as much lately (in case you hadn't noticed :), because I have been working on something behind the scenes! And I didnt tell you because I wasnt even sure I'd have what it takes ... but I will be writing for a site called Inspired Bliss every Monday over at (see the button in the sidebar).

I'll let you know when the site is officially launched, but it is already starting to take shape and one of my posts is already there. I wont leave you high and dry here at 'Thirsty?' though, it seems that there is plenty of opportunities to talk about how God is working when you let Him do whatever He wants with you!

I wasnt even going to write this post, but hopefully what I am learning might be helpful to someone out there reading this. You dont have to do big things for God in order to be used by him. And you certainly dont have to be confident, amazing or talented. Just be obedient!

Those two friends blessed me tremendously this week because they were simply obedient. And it is my prayer that my writing will be that 'special something from God' to someone, somewhere, some time, whether I know it or not. But even if I never hear,

  • I will start even though I am not confident
  • I will keep going even though I have lots of excuses why I shouldn't
  • I will commit even though I dont have all that I need right now
  • And I will look to Him and not to others to see how I'm going

I'll be back real soon to tell you more about whats been happening. In the meantime, why not go read about Gideon's call in Judges 6:11-31.

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