Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For Your Mother

Most of my headaches are as a result of my kids not doing what I say. Today I have a headache cause I DID do what MY mum said.

I started walking regularly about 10 weeks ago and not long after that I noticed a weird looking spot on my skin. It wasnt a mole, more like a scar with a purple bit inside. I made an appointment with my GP just to be sure and he wasnt overly concerned when he saw it, and suggested I come back in January to check it again. Excellent, the perfect diagnosis!.. For about 2 minutes until I happened to add that the reason I came was because I could hear my mums voice in my head saying "have you got that spot checked yet?". He said that because she has had a melanoma, he had to cut my spot out. Doh!

So my little 2 stitch scar had healed up quite nicely after just 2 weeks and was hardly noticeable...until today when he had to take "the rest" out which made a z shaped scar and sports 12 stitches on the outside and a total of somewhere around 20 the nurse guesses including the ones under the surface. And just so I couldnt hide it this time, I have to look like this till Friday...


I'll be fine, it wasnt a dangerous one. But I know there are many of you out there wondering about a spot or a mole that you have noticed on yourself. Well, allow me to be the voice of conscience (or the voice of your mother ;) "Go and get that checked!!"

Your GP or skin clinic might say, "It's fine, come back next year" or they might take it out and the scar will be hardly even noticable. On the other hand, your quick action might just save a whole lot of trouble down the line, or may even save your life.

So if you have any querie as to the health of your skin, please please please get it checked! Pick up the phone and make an appointment with your GP or skin clinic. Go on. Off you go!

And y'all know I cant just leave it there - If you have any doubts about the health of your soul, do something about that today too!

Don't ignore that still small voice inside.

It might just save your life.

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Lauren Delaine said...

As always, you sure wrapped this up nicely. No, I wasn't talking about that bandage, although you're sporting it well! ;)


Boo Mama did a post about a mole she had looked at (can't remember is it was removed) a while back.

I knew then that I should have a mole right smack in the middle of my neck looked at. It has grown, it's somewhat irregular and just doesn't look right.

I've postponed it. I know, I know--get on it! And I will. I will add that currently I have no insurance. HEAVY SIGH. Still, so not worth not going and having it checked. I "could" call the doc to get a rough estimate like I had planned.

Adding it to the list now!